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The 30-day Challenge will be run in my private “Sweat With Soul” Facebook Group. The workouts will use your bodyweight and a set of light and medium sized Dumbbells. Use the link below to request to join the group — your request needs be approved by one of the group admins before you can start the Challenge. Important: once you are approved, introduce yourself! Say hello, tell us where you’re from, and share one goal with the group for the next 30 days. The more active you are, the faster you are notified when there’s a new post to the group… you don’t want to miss a notification when I post the daily workouts!

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The workouts will be posted in my Sweat With Soul Facebook Group the night before — check your workout calendar to see the exact workout and if any equipment is required. Most workouts will be bodyweight only, but a few will require a light and medium sized dumbbells.

Photo Guidelines:

Taking measurements and before and after photos optional for this Challenge, but you never know who you are going to inspire. Post your progress photos and results in the Facebook Group to stay accountable and to help inspire others!

  • Photos should be FULL-BODY head to toe with a SOLID WALL / BACKGROUND behind you. Women should wear a sports bra and shorts, men should be shirtless with shorts. No shoes. Legs a fist width apart.
  • Two photos from the FRONT at the Beginning and End of the challenge. Hands on HIPS and hands on SIDE.
  • Two photos from the RIGHT SIDE at the Beginning and End of the challenge. Hands on HIPS and hands on SIDE.
  • Two photos from the LEFT SIDE at the Beginning and End of the challenge. Hands on HIPS and hands on SIDE.
  • Clothing should be close fitting, not baggy. Use the same clothes from your Before photos in the Final photos.
  • Blurry photos or cropped photos not showing the participants entire body (from head to toe) will not be accepted.

Before and After photo examples:

Measurement Guidelines

  • Bustline – Have the subject turn opposite you facing the wall with hands out like a plane. Put the measuring tape over their bust line and have them use their hands to place the measuring tape along their nipple line. Have them lower their hands to their sides. When they put their hands down, the tape will expand, as it will when they breathe. Write this measurement down.
  • Arms – Measure the portion of the arm between the top of the shoulder and the elbow. Take the measurement for the other arm as well. Don’t worry if the readings are different, we aren’t symmetrical…it’s normal!
  • Waist – Have them put their arms out again like a plane, and put the tape around their waist. We are measuring the waist at the belly button. This is not pants size waist, but the waist as defined by the National College of Sports Medicine rules.
  • Hips – Measure at the widest part of the hips/butt. Ladies, you may hate this one, but it’s a great indicator of progress since this is such a problem area.
  • Abductors – Measure the portion of the thighs just below the subject’s glutes at about groin level. This is a measurement of both thighs, so the tape goes all the way around the subject in the same manner that the waist and hips were measured.
  • Thighs – Have the subject take a big step to the right. Put the measuring tape at their inseam and measure 1½ inch down. Turn the tape to go around the person and ask them to hold the tape with their finger. Go around each leg and record the number where the tape meets. This area is the largest part of the thigh.

Terms and Conditions:

By entering this challenge, as well as submitting your photos, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.