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Created by Brett Hoebel.
Celebrity trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser Season 11.


Due to Covid-19 we are not accepting returns of physical items including DVDs. All sales are final.


20 DAYS.

The #1 excuse to not workout or cook is…you don’t have time. I know you have 20 minutes. No more worrying about finding time to go to the gym or what to eat in your hectic day. With my program you’ll sweat, eat clean, and you’ll be amazed at the results you can get in just 20 minutes a day. That’s the same time it takes to check Facebook!

Real People. Real Results!

See the inspiring results they got with The 20 Minute Body!

20 Minute Body is more than just workouts, it’s mind over body and finding your

Fitness From Within.


High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are shorter, challenging, and unleash a host of fat burning hormonal changes from the inside out that allow you to cut your training time in half.

Zero to 60

By combining HIIT workouts with Functional Exercises and Cardio-Strength Training, your body can safely progress from zero to 60 without injury and less muscle soreness*—two of the main reasons why people quit training.


The more your push your body in short, timed intervals, the more energy or calories you burn to come back to a state of rest. The scientific principle behind this concept is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which creates an Afterburn effect where your metabolism is burning more calories for hours after a workout to return this state of equilibrium.


Your Trainer

Brett Hoebel

An established fitness authority and one of the most sought after fitness talents, it’s no wonder Brett has been featured in all the top fitness outlets.



Go Lean, Go Green, Go Clean

Proper nutrition that you actually enjoy and will cook, is more than half the challenge when getting in-shape. My program includes delicious 20-minute recipes and healthy nutrition tips that will help you go lean, green and clean.

No Gym Necessary

With either your own bodyweight or minimal equipment, you can do the workouts at home or on the road…no gym, no excuses.

5 moves To Fit

Each workout has an average of 5 Big Bang exercises that use multiple muscles and burn the most amount of calories. These exercises are divided into Strength, Cardio or Core and I have also added a little Brazilian flare by adding some moves from the Brazilian martial art/dance Capoeira. The moves are easy to learn, fun and sequenced in a specific order to optimize fat loss!

The Trilogy

3 Dynamic Programs, 13 Workouts on 11 DVDs including 2 bonus DVDs if you buy today!


Due to Covid-19 we are not accepting returns of physical items including DVDs. All sales are final.

Program I

Program I

The Yellow Phase is the first 20 days of THE TRILOGY and focuses on improving your fitness foundation. Whether you are new to fitness or have been training regularly, by following these workouts you’ll develop and improve upon your fitness foundation – from your form, your technique, your strength, and your stamina.

What’s Included

Program II

Program II

The next 20 days is the Orange Program and it’s all about progression–taking that fitness foundation from the Yellow Program and taking it up a notch with increased intensity and increased results. No more judgments. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis and push harder, inside and out.

What’s Included

Program II is only available with purchase of THE TRILOGY.

Program III

Program III

The Blue Program is about delivering the body that you want. With all the lessons you’ve learned from the first two programs, you are going to take it through the roof! It is about “burn baby, burn”. There’s no plateau and there’s no slowing down the results because they are going to keep improving.

What’s Included

Program III is only available with purchase of THE TRILOGY.

Complete Nutrition

Included as a digital download with all 20 Minute Body Programs, my 20 Minute Body Nutrition Guide takes out the guess work and address nutrition challenges head-on with a comprehensive guide of fundamental concepts, meal plans, and a large and constantly growing catalogue of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes—all created in collaboration with professional chefs Jennifer Iserloh and Rocco Whalen.

Your success rate will skyrocket with the phased approach that lets you ease into healthier eating habits over time, giving you the flexibility to change at your own pace.

Training Guide

Included as a digital download with all my 20 Minute Body programs, get the most out of your training with my 20 Minute Body Training Guide.

Plus These Bonuses!

Get these special bonus items FREE when you order THE TRILOGY today!

Bonus #1

Brazilian Burn DVD

I’m gonna take you to Brazil with some fun and fat-burning Capoiera!

Bonus #2

Booty, Abs, & Chest DVD

I’m targeting your most problematic areas with these body part specific workouts!

Bonus #3

Booty by Brett 6-Part Video Series

It’s all about the booty baby! Boost your booty using exercises and techniques I developed for the Victoria Secret Supermodels!

Bonus #4

Willpower E-Book

Where the rubber meets the road is where willpower comes in. Learn how to master it in my exclusive Willpower e-book.

Bonus #5

Food Replacement Guide

To change your body, it starts from within. Packed with easy to do food swaps that you can use and start feeling better with today.

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Due to Covid-19 we are not accepting returns of physical items including DVDs. All sales are final.