First off, we would like to thank you for your purchase!  Your satisfaction means everything to us, and that is why we strive to deliver great content, and great support as well.


Due to email service providers trying to limit the amount of SPAM, lots of ‘good’ emails (like mine) are getting caught up in filters or not delivered…especially ones with download links to purchased programs.

To make sure you GET your content, as well as updates, you need to FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS

Now that my email is safe and will reach your inbox…

You are here because you are having some sort of issue with your downloaded product.  From the emails I have received, there are a handful of issues people are having trouble with such as:  downloading, saving, viewing on an iPad, printing, and more.

Downloading Issues

  • PLEASE READ THIS FIRST – Once you purchase the download, you will be sent to a page where you can download it instantly, and you will also be sent an email (to the email you entered at ClickBank during checkout, or the email you ordered with) with the download link.
    • Check your junk/spam box if it isn’t in your inbox.
    • The email will come from:  “20 Minute Body <support (at)>”
  • The files range in size, most PDFs are about 10mb, and video files can be 400 to 700MB, so BE PATIENT.  It can take anywhere from a minute or two for PDFs to download, to 10 minutes or more for a video download depending on your internet connection.  High speed internet is recommended.
  • Check your downloads folder if you can’t find the file.  We have had lots of people that said they didn’t get the download, but when they checked, they had 3-4 copies of the file in their downloads folder.
  • For Windows users:  Where are downloaded files saved? 
    When you download files, Windows usually saves them in the Downloads folder which is located under your user name in the users folder on the drive where Windows is installed (for example C:\users\your name\downloads). When you are saving the file, you can choose to save it to a different folder. Some different types of files are saved to different folders by default. For example, if you right-click a picture on a webpage and then choose Save Picture As from the menu, the picture will be saved to the Pictures folder by default. If you’re not sure where the file was saved, you can search for it from the Start menu.
  • WINDOWS USERS:  If the above doesn’t help, instead of clicking the ‘download’ button, just ‘right-click’ the download button, and select ‘save as’, and then save it to your desktop or other place where you can find the file.
  • It is not recommended to download to your phone due to the file size, and the fact that most phones don’t handle PDF files that well.  If you are a sophisticated smart phone user and you have a PDF software on your phone, then I would recommend downloading to your computer first, then transferring to your phones memory card.

iPad or iPhone

If you are on an iPad or iPhone, this is what you will need to do (this is for PDF Downloads Only):

  • When you click the download link, it will open a new tab that appears to be a blank page; WAIT until it has finished downloading. You will know it is done as the file will show up in the browser directly, or with a file icon and “Open In…” or “Open With” options at the top.
  • Once the file shows up, it will take a minute or two to completely show up (the pages will be slow to load as you scroll through).  Again, it won’t download as a file, it downloads into the browser on the iPad.
  • Once that is done, tap the page and a little window will show up with a button that says “open in iBooks”.  You want to click this, and then wait a second as the file is transferred to iBooks.  Then you will be able to view the PDF anytime in your iBooks App.  More info here from Apple:

Saving / Printing PDFs on a Mac

If you are using Preview on a Mac, several people have noted a problem saving or printing the file as it asks for a password.  There is no ‘password’ on the document, but Preview seems to think there is.  The workaround is to use the free download of Adobe Acrobat PDF, or just move the file to your desktop and use Preview to view it.  By downloading the file, you already have it saved, so just move it from your downloads folder to your desktop or other folder.

PDF Viewer

Most people already have this, but you will need a program that reads PDF files.  We have had people that did NOT already have a PDF viewer on their computer, and this file will not open in Microsoft Word.  If this applies to you, download a FREE viewer from Adobe here:


If having issues downloading your videos, these steps should help.

1.  Video files are LARGE – often 400 to 600+ MB of content.  It will take TIME for the download to complete.  It can take anywhere from 1 or 2 minutes, to 15 or 20 depending on your internet connection.  So be patient.

A lot of times, the icon will appear the moment you click to download it, but the file has NOT completed downloading.

2.  If you are on a Windows computer, pause or turn off any pop-up blockers, or other software firewalls while downloading the file.  You can turn them back on immediately after downloading.  For whatever reason, these seem to cause lots of issues with big downloads.

To get the Quicktime Video Player for FREE, CLICK HERE!

Downloading .mp4 file (video files) on iPad

The easiest way to get the videos onto your iPad is by syncing with the computer that you downloaded the videos to.  If you can’t do that, or it isn’t an option, then you will need to get an app for the iPad that handles downloading video files. Instructions for syncing videos to your iPad from your computer can be found by CLICKING HERE.

REMEMBER:  These video files are anywhere from 400 to 600+MB, and will take time to download!  It can take 10 to 20 minutes depending on your internet connection to get a COMPLETE download.  These are LARGE files, so please be patient.

Shipping Policies

Standard & International Shipping

Orders placed with Standard or International shipping will be sent via USPS priority mail. Standard and International shipping options do not include detailed tracking information. Standard shipping should arrive with 7-10 business days of your order. International shipments may take longer.

Express Shipping

Orders placed with 2-day or 1-day express shipping will be shipped via FedEx. Orders will include detailed tracking information. Orders placed using 2-day or 1-day express shipping will be shipped within 72 hours of your order, excluding weekends. Orders place on holidays or Friday, Saturday or Sunday, will be processed on the first business day following.

Refunds & Returns Policy

Refund Policy

Due to Covid-19 we are not accepting returns of physical items including DVDs. All sales for physical products are final. Downloadable products are eligible for a money back guarantee. If a customer is not 100% satisfied with their results, a refund can be issued for the total amount of the purchase price if returned within the money back guarantee period specified at the time of purchase (30,60, or 90 days).

Step 1 Review the Return Policy above to determine if the return is eligible for refund

Step 2 Contact 20 Minute Body Customer Service to get a return authorization (RA) number

How long does it take to receive a refund?

Once a return is received at the warehouse, refunds are usually processed by 20 Minute Body within 1-2 weeks. The financial institution receiving the refund may take additional time to process and return the funds.