It’s The SWEET 16!

4 exercises for 16 minutes of fat burning action!

The Sweet 16 is just 16-minutes of real results. It’s short, sweet and simple: 4 exercises, 4 minutes per round, and only 4 rounds. This HIIT training interval-based workout was designed for fast fat loss using only your body weight… no gym or equipment needed.

The 4 exercises are divided into Lower-body Strength, Upper-body Strength, Explosive Cardio and Integrated Core, and are arranged in specific order to maximize the “Afterburn” metabolic fat loss after you workout. The Sweet 16 is meant to be challenging, but with modifications for every exercise, all fitness levels can do it and you WILL see results.

It’s not whether you have time… it’s whether you make time.

If you like short, effective workouts like this that you can do at home without any equipment, then get the entire program, the 20 Minute Body where each workout takes 20 minutes or less!

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WHAT’S INCLUDED: 13 workouts on 11 DVDs (or a set of digital downloads) 3 for every 20 day cycle (Yellow, Orange, Blue) along with 2 bonus discs, a Downloadable Nutrition Guide* and Workout Calendar*.

Plus these special Download Bonuses!

booty-by-brett-bonusBooty by Brett Video Series
It’s all about the booty baby! Learn how to sculpt your booty using workouts and techniques Brett’s developed helping some of the most demanding professionals in the world in this 6 part video series.

booty-by-brett-bonusWillpower E-Book

Where the rubber meets the road is where willpower comes in. Learn how to master it in this exclusive e-book developed by Brett.

food-replacement-guide-bonusFood Replacement Guide
To change your body, it starts from within, including what you put in your body. Includes easy to read lists and swaps that you can start using today.

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